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Digital Marketing Tips for Business Owners

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How SMS Marketing Can Boost Your Local Business: A Guide for Owners

May 04, 20243 min read

Hey there, local business owner! If you're looking to connect with your customers on a more personal level and see real-time results, then you've probably considered various digital marketing strategies.

Have you thought about SMS marketing? It’s not just about sending text messages; it's a dynamic tool to enhance customer engagement and drive sales.

Let’s dive into why SMS marketing could be a game-changer for your business.

Why SMS Marketing Deserves Your Attention

Imagine sending a message and knowing it’s read almost instantly by nearly everyone it reaches.

That’s the power of SMS marketing! Text messages have an open rate of 98%, way higher than emails. This means virtually all of your messages get seen. Here’s how you can make SMS marketing work wonders for your local business:

1. Everyone Reads Texts

Unlike emails that might sit unopened, text messages grab attention immediately. If you're running a flash sale or need to update customers about something urgent, SMS is the way to go. It ensures your message not just lands in the inbox but also gets seen.

2. It’s Surprisingly Affordable

Marketing budgets are tight, I get it. But SMS marketing is cost-effective. The investment is minimal compared to the potential returns from high customer engagement. Whether you’re promoting a special discount or an exclusive event, SMS gets your message across without breaking the bank.

3. Deliver Messages Right When Needed

SMS is immediate. Whether it’s reminding a customer about their appointment tomorrow or alerting them to a limited-time offer that ends in hours, texts provide the prompt push that often leads to quick actions. This timeliness is perfect for filling last-minute openings or clearing out inventory.

4. Make It Personal

Customers love personal touches, and SMS allows just that. Customize messages with names, relevant offers, or reminders based on past purchases. Personalized texts don’t just enhance customer experience; they build loyalty. Imagine sending a birthday discount to a customer or a special anniversary offer reflecting their first purchase. It shows you care!

5. Blend It With Other Channels

SMS doesn’t have to work alone. It can play well with your other marketing channels. Use it to boost your email campaigns by sending a quick text reminder to check out an email you sent. Or, drive traffic to your social media with a teaser about a contest running on your Facebook page. Integrating SMS can amplify your entire local business marketing strategy.

Getting Started With SMS Marketing

Ready to jump in? Start by building a list of customers who opt-in to receive texts from you. Make sure they know what to expect, and keep your promises—this builds trust. Segment your list to tailor messages effectively, whether it’s targeting frequent visitors with a VIP offer or first-timers with a welcome discount.

When crafting your messages, keep them short, sweet, and to the point. Include a clear call to action. What should they do next? Visit your store, use a promo code, call for a booking? Make it clear and easy.

Final Thoughts

SMS marketing isn’t just another tool in your arsenal—it’s a direct line to your customers that builds relationships and drives sales. It's fast, personal, cost-effective, and works seamlessly with other marketing efforts. Give it a shot, and you might just see your customer engagement metrics soar as never before.

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Richard Santos

Richard Santos is SantisWeb CEO, expert in digital marketing with over 16 years of experience, business mentor and consultant

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